synthesizer session 1 (02​/​2003)

by solitude fx



I cannot tell exactly how it came about that Orpheo and I started those jam sessions. I remember though I was already living a small village near Würzburg called Reichenberg (in Germany) and my partner was away that weekend. So, obviously we took the opportunity to jam around a bit with a rather minimal set up comprising two Korg Poly-61 synthesizers and a Roland TR-808 rhythm machine (which together) formed our overall sound for years. Nerds will hear some additional drum or percussion sounds, those came from Boss DR-550. Anyway, we did not expect what was about to happen: even though we both could not play at all, or had rehearsed on synths ever before, we came up with great basic ideas and were amazingly harmonizing. Maybe it was because we were fueling ourselves with a complete crate of beer that evening. We could not accept the fact of running dry, so we later went down to the one and only pub there which was truly an experience... I do not recall details, but for some reason, I or we never made it to the pub ever again ... Not much else to say, only that I ever thought that track 2 always sounded like a demo from ADN' CKRYSTALL's Jazz Mad album, and later Erick was using it as the basis for the tracks "Never marry a Musician). Track 3 was described by Frank Brinkhuis of ENDE SHNEAFLIET fame as being a pretty "cheesy track" - we always love that description, even though we have to accept then that KRAFTWERK is cheesy, too, hehe. Tracks 10 & 11 were later probably while rehearsing for gigs or whatever. Apart from session 10, this was the only one where we recorded single tracks. Sessions 2 to 9 were non-stop real-time recording recordings between 70 and 140 minutes long, totally improvised, but they need editing and chopping first, so please enjoy sessions 1 and 10 first.


released January 1, 2004

Marc: TR-808 Rhythm Pattern Programming, Poly-61 Human Bass Synth Sequencer
Orpheo: Poly-61 Harmonies and Melodies



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solitude fx Germany

Marc - synthesisers and drum machines; Orpheo - lyrics, vocals, Casio.

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